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Medium Voltage Cables ( Ducab Power Plus Medium Voltage Cable )

Medium voltage cables are triple layered insulated and manufactured for a voltage range of 6K V to 33 kV as per IEC and BS specifications. Ducabs Medium voltage range of cables include .

Use : Ducab power plus medium voltage cables are used for bulk power transmission and distribution .
Feature : Simultaneous triple extrusion of three layers of insulation under inert atmosphere, rated from 3.3 / 6.6 Kv up to u/u =19/33
Manufactured to : Bs 6622 & iec 60502-2 specifications for the following listed voltage grades -3800/6600v, 6350/11000v, 8700/15000v, 12700/22000v and 19000/33000v
Type tested and certified by : Kema and esma
Range : Single core cables: Copper/ aluminium , armoured / un-armoured, pvc/pe/lsf sheathing from 50mm2 to 1000 mm2.Three core cables : 6.6Kv to 33 Kv with copper / aluminium , armoured and un armoured, PVC/Pe/lsf Sheathing up to 400mm2.
Benefit : Virtually discharge free xlpe insulation ensures along and trouble free service life .

Second Type Of Medium Voltage Cable (Ducab Power Plus Medium Voltage Cables For Ogp)

Type : Lead Sheathed cables
Use : Underground cables in oil , gas and petrochemical industries, in dry and wet regions .
Features : Designed to facilitate land –based activities in the oil, gas , petroleum and chemical Industries where the spillage or seepage of corrosive liquids and vapors pose a threat to cables .
Type Tested and certified by : Kema and esma
Manufactured to : Bs 6622, iec 60502-2& eemua 133
Range : single core copper /aluminum conductor with lead sheathing from 50mm to 1000 mm, three core cables with copper /aluminum conductor with lead sheathing from 50mm to 400mm
Benefit: The lead sheath provided in these cables performs the mechanical function of acting as a barrier o entry of hydrocarbons. The lead sheath of the cables can also be engaged to perform the electrical function of sharing the earth fault current with the armoured lead sheath also protecting cables against radical moisture ingress .

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