Investor Relations


Level: Intermediate |  Duration: 1 Days |  Date: 02.05.2017 (Offered in UK and Dubai)

The courses are available on a public/open enrolment basis in London and on be spoke (in-house) basis in Dubai.

Course Overview
Effective, fair and trustworthy communications between a company and its stakeholders can have a major impact on the reputation and value of a company. Within this communications mix Investor Relations plays a crucial gatekeeper role, balancing the external informational needs of the finance and investment industry together with the internal needs of the Board and management team.
This one day programme is designed to equip those new to Investor Relations or new to Investor Relations in London with the fundamental tools and techniques to manage Investor Relations effectively for their organization.

Why Attend ?

This one day course will provide delegates with

  • An understanding of the evolution of the role of IR as a result of the developments
  • An overview of the rules governing IR in the UK
  • Typical information requirements requested from IR teams by institutional investors and analysts
  • Organization of an effective investor relations office
  • An investor relation work plan
  • Tips for managing internal information flows
  • Best practice information needs and presentation for analysts and institutional investors including :
  • Dedicated framing sessions with institutional investor from investment firm
  • Workshop session to prepare an analyst and investor presentation
Who should attend?

This one day course has been designed to appeal to the following professionals :

  • Newly appointed investor relations managers
  • Communications and PR Managers of listed and listing
  • PR and IR consultants
  • Financial analyst

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Level: Advance |  Duration: 1 Days |  Date: 04.07.2017

The courses are available on a public/open enrolment basis in London and on be spoke (in-house) basis in Dubai.

Course Overview
Designed to give seasoned IR Professionals and Board Directors an in-depth update on current IR best practices.
The course covers the breadth of regulation compliance and disclosure practice, latest developments in the accounting field, the use of technology and social media to build closer relationships with investors, capital markets trends and changes, as well as evolving best practices and changes in critical aspects of the day to day role of IR.
The aim of the course is to provide a practical view of what is expected by the investment community and how you as the face of the company can influence this. The programme offers a wealth of real life case studies with speakers that are well-known industry experts.
Central to this programme are the fund manager led group discussions which provide an excellent opportunity to compare and contrast different engagement approaches and identify those that will work best for your investors and your company.

Why Attend ?

In addition to the in-depth updates on accounting , regulation, Compliance and disclosure practice , Industry best practice and changes , there are several key outcomes that you can expect from this course .

  • Learn how to develop a focused IR strategy based on analysis of your current situation
  • Benchmark your own IR practices against Industry Standards
  • Understand the industry changes and learn what the likely changes will mean for you
  • Learn how to get the best from your IR tool kit
  • Appreciate how IR can support the board and its governance process
  • Understand what drives investors investment rationales and how to use this to enhance your companies equity story and value
  • Learn what investors expect from you and how best to engage with them
Who should attend?

This one day course has been designed to appeal to the following professionals:

  • IR professionals
  • Board Directors
  • Communication and PR Directors of listed and listings companies
  • Seasoned PR and IR Consultants
  • Seasoned Financial analysts

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