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Al Ghurair Commodities LLC (AGCL), A Saeed Al Ghurair company based in Dubai , UAE. They specialize in procuring, globally, storage, handling , transportation, marketing and distribution of agricultural products and fertlizers .

AGCL works closely with farmers , breeders , producers and , government organizations, fostering closer relationship between producers and consumers.

AGCL is dedicated in providing their customers with knowledge , experience and quality when marketing their products and work to maximize business growth .


Our goal goes beyond merely satisfying the evolving needs of our customer-base by providing excellent service and world class products, we are determined to meeting and indeed exceeding their expectations. We are also dedicated to protecting the welfare of the whole society.


To become leader in agribusiness in UAE To achieve excellence by becoming the leading marketer of Grains and Fertilizers To deliver superb quality products and services by exceeding our clients’ expectations Nurture your food business through superior customer service, sourcing high quality products, commitment and dedication to innovation. To feed the world!

To earn and keep the trust of customers, farmers and community members and be recognized as the leading commodity trader in UAE, AS WE HOLD ON TO OUR PURPOSE WHICH IS YOUR PARTNER TO FEED THE WORLD.