CIMA Certificate in Islamic Banking and Takaful

Level: Intermediate |  Duration: 3 Days |  Date: (Offered in Dubai)

Course Overview
This globally recognised and leading Islamic Finance qualification from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants focuses on the financial systems, products and services offered in the Islamic banking and Takaful industries. You are introduced to developments that have taken place with regard to these Islamic financial industries and their related systems. The course provides a comprehensive and in depth exploration of Islamic banking and Takaful product features, mechanisms and application. Finally, it highlights the pertinent risk management issues relevant to the financial institutions involved in Islamic financial activities. This is one of 4 certificates offered by CIMA which leads to the CIMA Diploma in Islamic Finance.

Why Attend ?
  • Gain an overview of the nature and scope of the Islamic finance system and institutions.
  • Be able to articulate the difference between Islamic banking and Takaful and the conventional banking and insurance on a conceptual and product basis.
  • Develop an understanding of the Islamic Capital Market, Takaful and Settlement System and the key role they play in the Islamic Financial System.
  • Provide an overview of financial regulation and market standards in key Islamic financial jurisdictions.
  • Understand the application and structuring of Islamic finance contracts to Islamic Banking and Takaful products.
  • Be able to analyse and understand all the main Islamic Banking products including deposit and investment accounts, sale, lease and equity based financing, trade finance and treasury products.
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the different types of Takaful, Takaful products, legal and operating structures.
  • Understand and explain the issues relating to Takaful Underwriting, Deficit, Surpluses and Retakaful.
  • Develop an understanding of financial and operational risks of Islamic Financial Institutions.
Who should attend?

This three-days course has been designed to appeal to the following professionals:

  • Functional Heads from Business
  • Functional Heads from Specialist areas
  • Product Leaders
  • Treasury and Finance Executives
  • Identified High Potential Talent
  • Succession Leaders
  • Conventional Insurance Executives
  • Takaful Underwriting Managers
  • Takaful Distribution and Sales Managers
  • Takaful Product Development Managers
  • Re-Takaful Managers
  • Takaful Risk Managers
  • Bancassurance and BancaTakaful Managers

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